McArthur’s Yard, once known as McArthur’s Warehouse, was the former headquarters of the McArthur’s Group – a Bristol-based metal merchant founded in the 1860s. Originally built as a malt house, the building fell into disrepair after being left forgotten for over 20 years. Now, it is set to become a building development of the future for Bristol residents.

The McArthur’s Yard site was resurrected with sustainability at the forefront; bricks from the existing site have been reused, with two-thirds of the wall being retained whilst being structurally reinforced for longevity. Bath Stone slabs from the original site are also being recycled, as are the grey stone setts, both of which are implemented along the side entrance of Block A, providing a welcome reminder of the legacy of this historic development.

Close to parks, green spaces and the harbourside, the site’s ecological footprint has been considered with the inclusion of bird and bat boxes on the landscaping. Swift-friendly bricks have also been added along the graving dockside – giving a warm home to a few extra residents.

One of the more unique material features of McArthur’s Yard is the Welsh blue pennant kerb laid at the front of the site, coupled with the blue-grey drag-faced clay setts running from Block A down and around the famous graving dock. This adds a wonderful juxtaposition of old cobbled streets and new-build modern architecture, perfectly encapsulating the foundations of Bristol’s industrial past and exciting future. Welcome, to McArthur’s Yard.